Want to build wealth the right way? Simply enter your name and email to receive free practical wealth creation tips and ‘Wealthy By Choice’ first chapter.


Want to build wealth the right way? Simply enter your name and email to receive free practical wealth creation tips and ‘Wealthy By Choice’ first chapter.


We believe that true wealth is a holistic lifestyle, not just a number in your bank account.

The key is discovering and following your unique path to wealth. That’s exactly why we bring you an exclusive variety of world-class trainings that will help you; earn more money, experience more freedom and gain more happiness.

We address 4 key pillars of wealth, which include; business, financial education, personal development and longevity.

Aaron Sim

CEO & Founder

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Redefine Business

We believe that the heart of business is about enhancing the quality of people’s lives by connecting, sharing and growing.

Specialized Trainings

Trainings are specially designed to enrich the lives of people through results focused and tailored wealth creation trainings.

World Class Trainers

Our trainers are hand-picked for unique wealth generation expertise which otherwise would not be accessible in the South East Asian region.

Dedicated Mentors

Wealth creation is a journey, not a station. Our team and community are here to help you apply what you learn and get the results you want.

Our Speakers

Mirriam MacWilliams

America's Millionaire Trader

Mirriam MacWilliams

She is recognised as one of “World’s Leading Trading Coach and Trainer” by the prestigious BrandLaureate Awards. Since 2003, Mirriam has coached over 8,000 members in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and USA how to trade profitably regardless of market directions.

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Derek Gehl

Serial Online Entrepreneur

Derek Gehl

He is highly respected in the Internet marketing arena since 1996. Derek has a track record of building successful businesses. Thousands of people worldwide, with zero technical skills and no product ideas, have used his blueprint to build their first digital businesses.

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Patrick Liew

Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Veteran And Investor

Patrick Liew

Dr. Patrick Liew, ex-chairman of HSR Global Ltd which is a publicly-listed property agency, has taught over 10,000 people worldwide to be savvy money-generating property investors using his street-smart property investing strategies. He will show you the gems in Malaysia and overseas where you can invest safely.

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Joel Bauer

America’s Top Celebrity
Persuasion Guru

Joel Bauer

You Will Discover Joel Bauer’s Fast, Super Simple & Extremely Powerful Cashflow Generating Strategies… Anyone (or Business) Can Use These to Massively Increase Sales & Profits. One Particular Strategy Is Responsible For The Million-Dollar Successes Of The Worlds Top Experts and Break The 7-Figure Mark In under 18 Months!

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Larry Williams

Legendary World Trading Champion with 50+ Years of Trading Experience

Skip Archimedes

The Miracle Man

Kane Minkus

Business Growth and Personal Branding Expert

Jeff Slayter

Human Potential Coach

Armand Morin

Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority

Alex Mandossian

World’s Leading Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers

Tracy Wong

Life Success and Happiness Coach


Our programs

Trade profitably in the stock market… 30 minutes a day!

Learn the Millionaire Trader’s blueprint to create wealth in the stock market regardless if the price is going up or down… Perfect for beginners!

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Build and grow your business online!

Start-ups and existing businesses can multiply their income with the latest online tools and business development strategies from experts who have been in the game for over 20 years!

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How to make a fortune doing what you love!

You Will Discover Joel Bauer’s Fast, Super Simple & Extremely Powerful Cashflow Generating Strategies… Anyone (or Business) Can Use These to Massively Increase Sales & Profits.

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we enrich lives

Lim Kong Hiong

I attend the support sessions regularly and picked up even more knowledge. The learning never stops unless I choose to stop. Wealth Mentors are always ready to help, so that all their students can be successful.

Ermia Quitalig
Managing Consultant

I am so grateful to Wealth Mentors for sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise with people like me so that we don’t have to learn the hard and painful way. More power and blessings to everyone in Wealth Mentors!

Sherry Cox

Wealth Mentors’ commitment to their students is exceptional – from a long life of learning, I can truly say they are tops. I have a strong sense of belonging to a caring community, where my success matters to them.

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